In The Event Of A Storm, Here Are Things You Should Do After

Unfortunately, these disasters DO happen in times that we least expect them. When we DON’T want them to happen. Science hasn’t gone to the point where we can fight back a storm or when we can actually stop it from happening at all. The best we can do is bear with it and stand back up when we get knocked down.

For that reason, you should ALWAYS be prepared just in case something like that happens. Pray that it doesn’t, however we have to expect it anyway and have a precaution just in case. Here are what you ought to do during and after the storm.

SAFETY, always think of it above all else

Storms come in different kinds and different levels of destructions. There are storms that go from annoying to incredibly dangerous, which means you have to gauge the storms yourself once it comes. Forecasts will have you some kind of idea about how bad the storm will be but sometimes those aren’t a hundred percent accurate. Most of the time, they are though. Still, the first thing that goes through your mind SHOULD be safety. Both for you and your loved ones. Be mindful about your windows if they are likely to break from the wind, the power lines outside which could cause a disaster all on their own if provoked of any kind and the flooding that may happen in the house.

Analyse the damage that you think you’re dealing with

When the storm finally and officially dies down, go out and assess the damage done. Inspect your home to the best of your ability. See what broke down, what got destroyed, what are in danger of BEING destroyed (the power lines, the gas line, etc.), everything that is different before the storm hit.

Document said damage

Right all of the damage down somewhere so you can have a checklist about what to take care of when the times comes for rebuilding and such. It’s important to write them down just in case you forget something that has been damaged. Forgetting, let’s say those power lines that fell down, will cause an even greater disaster if left unattended. When you have a list, it makes it easier to fix them. You won’t lose track of everything if important things are documented. It also helps your keep track and get productive.

Choose the reliable contractor that is also trustworthy for when you rebuild the house

Now that you have the list, it’s time to actually start fixing what has been damaged. Choosing a contractor who is trustworthy and reliable would be the first thing to do on the list. He or she can help you get started on rebuilding if necessary. He can also help you calculate the costs so you won’t have to spend too much.

Chris Miller

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