The Best Colours For Your Living Room Walls

It is time to paint the living room walls again, huh? Maybe this is because you are bored looking at the same wall for years, or maybe the paint itself already peeling off and you to coat those walls with newer colours.

We can understand that.

There are literally so many colours under the sun right now. They have like fifteen billion versions of green and probably the same amount of yellows too. You’d think it’s would be easy to pick colours for your own walls but no, it actually isn’t. And when you DO think you’ve gotten one colour picked, you’d then get told that it would look bad because while the colour you picked isn’t BAD per se, it actually DOES look horrible overall once it is put on the entire wall.

Frustratingly enough, there needs to be a higher level of thinking when choosing the colours.

So we’ve made it easier for you and made a list of all the colours that will make your living room look amazing.

Green (apparently all kinds of green)

From dark green to mint, all kinds of greens will be perfect for your living room walls. It gives off a nice feel and makes the room look a lot more inviting than it really should be. The colour, especially if you pick the lighter shades, also makes the atmosphere relaxing. It’s a perfect coat for someone who comes home stressed and just want to relax.


It’s the neutral colour for those who don’t want any drastic changes in their house but will still make the room a lot better than it was. Grey paint will make the room look brighter and maybe even bigger because of perception. There is also something so relaxing about having a neutral colour for your walls. Also, this colour matches nay kind of design you have in the house.


The colour that heals. Blue, especially if it is pastel or sky blue, will guarantee that you should have a relaxing time while you surrounded by. Blue is a cool colour that helps make the atmosphere a little better when it is hot outside. It soothes us for some chemical reason that I’m not smart enough to explain. Blue is the best choice for your living room walls.


Beige-coloured walls make the room look sophisticated. As simple as you might think this colour is, it actually is the most beautiful when we are talking about wall paint. It gives the room a rich kind of feeling. It is also very neutral at times and goes great with any kind of furniture.

Black (surprisingly)

It is the most out-of-there colour that it sometimes becomes the greatest choice. It is different and so unique that a lot of people have been going for a black paint for their living rooms. It gives off a dark yet elegant aura to your house. Try it out.

Chris Miller

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