Changing The Interior’s Look With The Most Beautiful Houseplants

The best thing about having houseplants inside the house is that you get cleaner air to breathe in it than you get outside, for those who live in busy cities. We don’t often get out to breathe in the flowers all the time, since we all have work and school that bothers us. It’s important to have fresh air straight from photosynthesis or something. We are humans who need, after all. And what better way than to get that at the same time beautify an interior by getting indoor plants?

Why would you just go for the basic plants you see everywhere, though? Get the ones that are known to be the most beautiful and gets you the things that you want and need.

Want suggestions? Well, here are the most beautiful houseplants ever.

Peace Lily

This one is practically low-maintenance and has white pretty flowers that blooms occasionally! A great plant to put near the window.

String of Pearls Succulent Plant

A vine plant that needs to be hung from the ground. Pretty and a little bit unique too. Not to mention it’s a succulent so it’s easier to care for.

African Violets

These bloom continuously! Beautiful flowers that gives colour to a bland room, keeps on giving us pretty flowers all year-round.

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera)

This one can grow up to 8 feet and has really leafy branches that is good for a backdrop. It’s a pretty tiny tree basically.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail plant also looks like a tiny tree except has this ancient look to it. It’s perfect for an office room or something similar.

Oxalis Indoor or Outdoor Plant

A white flowering plant with violet leaves! Something the flowers are pink too and it’s great to have at the kitchen counter.

Ti Plant

A combination of purple and pink, this one! Its leaves a long and purple, with pink as its lines. It’s perfect in the kitchen if you want something new.

Red Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

This wonderful flower blooms all throughout the year as long as the weather is warm all the time. Very beautiful and colourful.

Bird’s Nest Fern

With its vibrant green colour and unique leaf shapes, the Bird’s Nest Fern is a beautiful plant meant for a bedroom that needs colour.

Silver Nerve Plant

Small, gorgeous and easily manageable. This green plant with silver lines covering its leaves will decorate any of your shelves just right.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Fig Tree rises high with a cute cluster of leaves. It is beautiful and majestic as it helps you get that much needed fresh air that is definitely needed in all homes these days.

Since we are all stuck in our homes with the rise of the internet, might as well adapt by getting the plants INSIDE our houses.

Chris Miller

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