Fire Damage – Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover That?

Thankfully, if you have a homeowner’s insurance then you can rest assure that it will help cover your belongings along with the home itself. This also applies to when a fire has come to burn everything down and damaged your belongings.

With a little help from allstate, we’ve come to discuss and list down the things that a fire coverage could cover up. It’s always good to be prepared, after all.

Dwelling Coverage

The insurance will cover the structure of the house and the garage, since it is an attached structure. A kitchen fire will be covered in the repairs too and if the home you have had become inhabitable DURING the repairs then the insurance will help pay for any additional costs when you have to live away from the house. These costs would be some restaurant bills and some hotel costs, if you choose to live there temporarily during the repairs.

Detached Structures

These types of structures would be the fences, detached garages and some sheds. The insurance will be covering those too.

Personal Property

This kind of property typically talks about your clothing, appliances, furniture and more. Your insurance will covers most if not all of that (from specific risks for most of the time and in the policy, it’s described as “perils”, which are lightning strikes and fire). In the event that the belongings that you own get destroyed in the perils, your insurance will replace or repair them.

In addition to that, if the landscaping of your home also got damaged, then you can get reimbursed as well.

Now here’s a question that you need to ask too: How much of the insurance do you actually need?

Factors. You base it on the factors that you would need to consider. This would include the value of your home too however, we still included a list of things to consider anyway:

  • Personal property

There will be a need to increase your limits when you feel like you need more coverage that will replace your stuff if there really will be a fire that damages it. Although you need to remember that if it’s jewellery involved then the coverage limits will be lower. If you want that to be protected too then purchase additional coverage for it.

  • Dwelling coverage

Now, you need to understand that when repairing and rebuilding is involved, the prices are always going to be higher than when you paid for the home in the beginning. The constructions costs itself is already big, not to mention the home values is going to fluctuate too. Consider the costs here in emergencies such as perils and then about the reconstruction that would happen afterwards. Now, being prepared for the aftermath is good and all, however, maybe you should also prevent the damage from happening at all costs too. You should install some smoke detectors in the house you bought and have fire extinguishers at the ready when it happens. Being smart for afterwards is goo but it’s better to be smart enough to not let anything bad happen.

Chris Miller

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